Major McCormick

My Creed for 2019, by Major McCormick

Im guaranteed to win, because I am not a loser… Im a born winner I will never give up when life looks down at me I look it in the face and tell it where to go. I understand the twist and the turns. I understand how my decisions create different consequences. I also see life from a perspective many have not been given. I can see the future from where I sit. I understand why things happen. I gather information from the valleys and the highs. I am tuned in to reality. If i sit and say that I am a hard worker but I dont lift one finger than I am a person of delusion. If i steady work towards my goals no matter how high than I am an opportunist and a realist. So when I say I will never lose I say it from observation. I watch people settle for less and lose focus and waddle in the mud. I watch people lose their concentration to drugs and worries. They never focus on the big picture the true prize they only last so long before they get discouraged.. I look discouragement in the face until it gets happy….. I let everyone on the side line stay on the side line rather they cheer or they sneer.. I am here to win and 2019 is my year to conquer all of my fears and bring all of my dreams near to make what I believe a reality…

Major McCormick
DOC #686167


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