Mark Thomas

Hell, by Mark Thomas

I’m trying to get out this place with my soul intact I’m trying to not let these walls turn me into a maniac trust what’s that I lost that a time way back flash backs of the door going click clack having to fight to keep my snacks in place filed with snakes wolves gorillas an rats being cage like an animal how do you find rehabilitation in that.

In a dangerous place filed with hate away from our love ones an mates trying to find a mental escape behind bob wire gates in a place you have to worry about gang violence an rapes so many innocent lives have met this fait in a place where your only name is inmate

It’s hard to sleep at night when you think back at life an wonder if your family alright ,when in the morning you got to fight an try an duck an doge getting hit with a knife in a place you got to handle the enemy on sight in a place where the gangs run the phones you want to talk you got to pay a price in a place where the food is trif an anytime a riot can ignite an a place where some got to spend the rest of they life jail the earthy form of HELL.

Mark Thomas
DOC #703781


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