Antwaiin Robinson

by Antwaiin Robinson

In accepting one’s death, understanding the possibility that a person will be forever gone from the present, and the future,never from the past though. and all things too be remembered from the past is a person legacy. In legend should be manifestation of life.A wise tale says men have not lived life until they have left something with humanity that will make the world a better place.people should understand a person for life.people should seek a divine destiny. people should acknowledge God and respect life as a blessing. it is the most significant miracle that we are here.we should have a meek attitude about living, and stay humble through out life.We shall accept and give knowledge on purpose. It will help us with things yhu can not change. But be beautiful as your potential let yhu with things yhu can make life worth living.challenge yourself set goals for yourself.Give yourself obstacles; because wat is success without the learning experience of the challenge?So humanity as one species should help each other accomplish greatness. God give everybody the gift of life,and even with our imperfections we still have the potential, to be great.Man made law stagnate the human race. because it suppress our potential. universal law the law and government of God give us everything we seek and is faithful too..Long as yhu believe yhu can get it done. yhu may also find peace within yhu.The will of God is within every man.God won’t put yhu in a situation yhu can’t handle.yhu can put yourself in a situation yhu can’t handle. Man create their own burdens through man made issues. A man may succumb to his own vices.but once yhu find a better understanding and his will, yhu may also find the realization,that there is peace amongst every single person. fight the desires that give yhu temptation that lead too the danger of destruction.There is no salvation in destruction. that is one of my poems I wrote here is my contact info jpay 641-942

DOC #641-942


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