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I am 35 and I am incarcerated in Ocala Florida at Lowell Correctional Facility at the Annex 11120 N.W. Gainesville Road Ocala Fl 34482. my current release date is September of 2028. I am currently seeking out classes while here in prison for self betterment and my GED. I have been in prison since 2017 and incarcerated since 2016. I am a mother of 2 children!! I am from south Florida. Being an inmate is hard at times, I have often sat back and had to thank God though for the oppurtunities i have been presented with while being locked up…like learning who I am …what talents I have and that I am a great person I just made a mistake. Ive learned that my life isnt over its just beginning and that I have been given the oppurtunity to continue being a great mother when I E.O.S. I do not think I will be here until my current date….I beleive I have already won my appeal because I am not a woman to give up. I have fought this case since I came to prison…they are so hard on people who have drug charges…BUT the fights not over. God’s been with me this whole time seeing me through this long hard fight, and with Him on your side you are destined to win any battle…just Glorify Him through it. Be Blessed and I thank you again i look forward to sharing some of my prison days with you ;0)


Jessica Paplomatas
DOC #S18566


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  1. Your write with confidence, a nice quality. I do look forward to watching your progression on multiple levels. Recognizing education is the key to success, in and out of incarceration, is paramount to remaining on the right path. Would like to know the courses you plan on taking and the logic behind them.
    Remain strong within yourself… that is the key.


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