What You Should Know, by Richard Newton

You should know that I am not against law and order and incarceration. What I am against is being convicted of a crime by a prosecutor who takes an oath to obey the law and while doing so, unbeknown to you, he is breaking the law. Such is the case in my situation, and I have complained and the attorney general is defending the prosecutor who broke the law. How is this just and fair? How can you guarantee a man justice and then defend the attorney who broke the law just to convict someone by totally disregarding the evidence that tells you he is innocent. I ask you please look at my situation on my Facebook page which is also based on the court record, and tell others how this went down. I received a 40 year sentence for a crime I am not guilty of committing but for laws broken and my own attorney not doing his job and his withholding evidence and lieing to me and the court I am in prison. I hope you can see your way to caring enough to spread the word and help me in my quest for justice. Thanks in advance.

Richard Newton
DOC #1531615


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