Maurice Williams

Untitled, by Maurice Williams

Overwhelming potential transcending through the bonds of enslavement
The joys of accomplishment
in time past only seen as broken dreams
The manifestation of change
summoned by the deep pains of regret
Motivationally speaking to us all
unbaised in respect
Every achievement solidifying the new foundation
Bringing full circle the meaning of one day at a time
Hope we hold onto grows onto the truth we know of ourselves and others
Unmuzzled, able to speak things not yet seen into existence
should be rise to the occasion faithful and fearless
Preparation to face the challenges of life and its struggles
Mentally assessing the damage sustained by our past lessons
learning through experience the answers to life’s questions
Refreshing, the feeling of clarity as eyes truly begin to open
as we brush away the old to see a new beginning
to which once looked hopeless

Maurice Williams
DOC #636892


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