Donald Mitchell

My First Blog! by Donald Mitchell

My Name is Donald Mitchell. My mom calls me Don, my friends call me Donnie, and ALL of the prison population call (including staff and Wardens) me “Tinker” as I am a (for lack of a better term) a handy man. I am from Boston Ma. and ssooo out of my element here in La. I have been incarcerated since July 21 2006 and my release date is July 26 2031. I am not elegible for parole and am serving “flat time”. I am convicted of Armed robbery (verifiable of course) and was given 25 years. I am a typical Irish Bostonian 53 years of age. I still have all of my hair and all of my teeth. I am 5 feet 11 inches tall, 195lbs. and an avid weight lifter. I am also heavily tatooed but with quality work. I have no outside contact except for my mom who is my rock. Unfortunately due to the distance and her getting on in years our contact is limited to phone calls and J-pay e-mails. I am truely blessed that she has stood by me for so long. That being said I still feel lost and alone in a state where not only do I know no-one; I was raised in a completely different culture. Slang, food, and customs if you will still amaze me. Anyways most of the time I have to explain my statements due to my accent IE: I say ” Hey did you see that Cah? for me it is phonetic. What I am saying is Did you see that CAR. I work as a mechanic in the institution and am constantly asking for “Pahts”= Parts to repair something and thus the brunt of many a laugh at my own expense. I am college educated and speak several languages. I have so much to share it seems but no-one who”gets it”. Anywyas I figure this is a good way to staht.LOL I can be reached at


Thank you for this opportunity. It means more than you could ever imagine, Regards

Don Mitchell
DOC #527866


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