Azjmal Walker

Life Is To Short, by Azjimal Walker

My daddy choked in his sleep, 5 cousin dead in the streets , 2 grandma’s died of cancer, 2 uncles died of cancer, nightmares in my sleep of every single face of my love ones I’ve lost, Can you imagination not saying your finally goodbyes or not begin there for your family, I had moments of take my life until God told me he is not finished with yet , He have something planed for me in my future, But there is still thoughts running around my mind, But God asked me do I want to leave that life behind, I didn’t have an answer, My mind just went blank, Just pictures, voices, and members , I can’t never make new ones until I’m release, It will never be the same when I go home, cause all my family split up and stop talking, So how can I go about that, I can’t get no time back , I just wish God can rewind back to 2014, I would have never got in the car , I just wish I could have save my cousins, but times goes on……..

Azjimal Walker
DOC #661-359

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