Azjmal Walker

The Thought Of Love Gone, by Azjmal Walker

Lights flicked, sunlight comes and goes, Noises all around me, interrupting thoughts, Quiet is a pricey luxury when chaos reigns, But thoughts of you always overcome the madness, Returning me to better times, Days of wondrous joy, A lover beyond all bounds, A joining of two hearts, Blending two lives, enhancing one another, Sharing life as one, loving as one belonging as one, Not all lovers are a first-time bliss Trouble surrounds us Hervey moment, Willful intentions to survive the onslaught of intentional outbursts of anger, Blinded at times by pride Wishing , no praying , for another chance, Loving the feelings that come with just the thought of you , Loving even more seeing your face Touching your hands, being close to you, A togetherness from heaven Again the sunlight came and went Noise cancels all tranquility, Thoughts of things and plans unkept , Keep me sane amidst the chaos , I close me eyes , All is gone but thoughts of you are still there, Even though you are not by side , All I have to do is close my eyes, To visual you here with me, But soon as I open my eyes, The love is gone……..

Azjimal Walker
DOC #661-359

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