Anthony Waters

LIL JIM, by Anthony L. Waters

short story poem:part 1

This is a short story about a lil boy that want bubble but finds trouble,
his name is Jim,
Jim has an older sister her name is Kim,
Jim got friends but never hang with them at one time he had hoop dreams being above the rim.
Jim was quiet but rubbed the wrong way he would start a riot,
a true gem a diamond in the ruff always taking chances and willing to call anybody’s bluff.
in his life it was always night,
only to day in this story is where he see the light in his plights..
see lil Jim got a mother like no other,
its sad because his mother goes through lifes wishing she didn’t have a son or a daughter,
every day she’s hustling trying to turn a penny into a quarter,
got her kids living in abandon apartment without no food or water.

she rather feed her monkey its called being a junky,
everyday its something new,
like crazy mistake being made,
debts in the streets and bills left unpaid.
but to lil Jim this is water under the bridge because he woke up this day tired of no food being in the fridge.
Jim’s best friend is his sister Kim and at sweet sixteen she will do what ever she got to do for them.
Finally lil Jim convinced his self that he got to contribute,
so he sticking his chest out to handle his biz,
he planed to befriend a couple of kids so he can go in there cribs.
At the tender age of fourteen years old,
lil Jim is in savage mode,
not careing about the street code,
because he’s going by the movies and story’s that was told,
it’s only one way up and that’s with silver and gold,he said to his self,
he is gone make sure his big sister gone have the best of the wealth.
he never knew there was no grief in being a thief so lil Jim made up his mind to be a vampire and show his fangs while letting his nutts hang.

His first victim he thought was Timmy,
because Timmy was bragging about his big brother owning a semi and if he got his hands on that semi he wouldn’t have to say much but(GIMME)!!!
he ponder on what it feels like to wear Gucci and Fendi while walking two blocks to Timmys.

luxury thoughts clouded his young mind putting him in a trans,
without thinking lil Jim approached Timmy’s home walked to the door that seen better days and knocked three times waited and looked to his left and seen movement in the blinds,
yet occupied in his mind lil Jim never took heed to the warning signs because his mind was telling him he was being eminent and yet his heart was telling him he was being recreant …

Timmy looked out the window at lil Jim knowing something was up because he never hanged with him,
so before he open the door Timmy ran in the back to grab his steal,
just in case lil Jim was playing Timmy wanted lil Jim to know he was for real,
so Timmy unlatched the dead bolt,
stood in the front door so they can lock eyes,
but the movement of Timmy’s hand gave lil Jim a great surprise,
but lil Jim met his stare to let Timmy know he didn’t care..
so after few minutes of errieness Timmy hissed..u coming in or u staying out?while looking lil Jim in his eyes Timmy moved to the side yet not to mistake what he thought was fear he immediately seen how this boy was alive,
Timmy father aways told him if u ever wanted to know the truth look a man in his eye,
that’s the only thing good Timmy’s father taught him be for he died,
so to honor his father he did it with pride.

lil Jim not knowing Timmy was a crashing plane he was a lil sick mothafucker with a fuck up brain.
yet Timmy tired of being in the shadow of big brother and lil Jim tired of being in that house with his mother,

Timmy broke the ice and said, man what u want?
because if your lil dirty ass ain’t talking about no money I’ll put your ass in a trunk..

lil Jim look up and said,I ain’t no punk?I’m here to get this money so what’s up?

Timmy said why u come to my house all sneaky like a mouse?

lil Jim politely said I over heard u say your big brother got a semi and if u give it to me I’ll climb down a chimney,all I need is for some one to watch my back so is u down with me?
not knowing what he saying its as though he was still in a trans..
Timmy already got his mind made up and beggars can’t be picky plus he was ready for any thing just in case things got sticky,
pulling out a blunt Timmy inhaled and passed it to lil Jim,Jim took baby tokes and started to choke.
Timmy bused out laughing and told lil Jim this life style ain’t no joke right before he started to choke thinking in his mind the only thing he living off of today is hope…
well friends because of a bad situation young goons don’t even know what they are facing,they don’t even know the evil in the monsters they chasing,
dreams end fast when boys grow up to quick be men,
its sad they don’t even know God to ask him to wash away their sins,
so they both mad a vow to always look after each other and be friends,
no matter if their beginning became their end..

part 2 coming soon…

peace to the true and living

DOC #720786


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