Max McBride

God Must Love Me, by Max MCbride

Part 1

As I lay in this hospital bed in a coma
from been shot in the club 3 wks ago .
I talk to god and beg him to let me
return to earth ,I got hit on the left side
of my chest &the bullet 2 inches from my heart also I got shot in my stomach and in my face on the right
side of my cheek bone area .I was set up ,
when I think about it, I knew I had it
coming but I thought I could out smart
the dude I robbed for a lot of money
& drugs, boi was I wrong ,he got me
good, by having my homie put it down
on me .I was at the club heated but
destracted in VIP by some strippers
for my homies birthday ,when a dude crept on me and cleared the whole
scene, with me slump on the couch dead
at least I thougth, thank God the paramedics
came ,when they did .As I lay here, I reminiscence about my past & I laugh then I cry because I destroyed and built
people up. My mom , my girl and 2
kids cry every time they come and see me ,damn I feel bad for them, I hope
I don’t die because they really need me
like yesterday I pray to God everynigth
& day to give me a 2nd chance to
live and I gotta live rigtheous ,I have
no choice because now I see its more
to life then the fast life and my family
hurt more then me. I know my mom
probably sitting over there just thinking
I was a kid again that she could re-raise
and protect me more, but mama you did ya best, I promise ,it was the streets and my foolish thougths of me thinking, I was untouchable.
They say you live & learn we’ll I’m learning
the hardest way .Damn I miss holding
my baby daugther and playing with
son & my baby mama, she really going
through it because its sad to say but
she solely depend on me financially,
she has no work skills. I’ve practically
raised her, she been wit me from
day one .2wks later ,T-Lee woke up
out of his coma to his family and girl they all smiled and he had a surprise visitor.
He didn’t expect to never see his father
and he was dressed like a preacher.
Once he seen his sons eyes open he dropped to his knee crying and said thank you God for giving my son a 2nd
chance. T-lee look at his family and smiled even doe ,he was mad at his dad
for been a dead beat most of his life.
Seeing his dad right now, he could tell
he was a change men, he looked drug free and he was sharp with his new suit On. Last time ,T-lee seen his dad he was 7yrs old now he was 22, his dad and family all stood around the bed smiling and crying at the same time thanking God after a few hours of kicking it with everybody his mom ,Bm and kids went to
the hospital cafeteria to get everybody some food, while T-lee and his dad talk ,
his dad spoke first sitting next to
his bed. “Son I hope in your heart, you can forgive me for the way I abandoned you
and your mother in the past. I know you
sold drugs but I’m proud of the men you’ve become as I can see your family
comes first, something I didn’t understand
around your age I just want you to know
I’ve been walking with god for 3 yrs and I’m a change men that will be in your life
till I die ,if you accept me, if you don’t I
truly understand but I truly ask for your
forgiveness, I promise I won’t let you are
my 2 grandkids down. T-lee was lost at words just crying hard and thanking God
for everything that had happen since he
got shoot ,he always wanted his father
in his life and never truly understand why he left ,sometimes over the years he did
hate his father but his mom never talked
bad about him ,she just told him, his dad was
a good men till he got sick. His sickness
was heroin after T-lee forgive his father
and got out the hospital he had to wear
a shit bag for the rest of his life but he was blessed to be alive. Him his kids and
baby mama go to his fathers church
every Sunday and he his classes for the
youth at his dads church on wed and sat
teaching them how to be productive and make the right choices in life to succeed,
because life is really what you make it
with the blessing from god flatout.

Blessings to all and all my brothers
outthere the streets don’t love you
get out while you still can if you wake
up God will gave you everything you
need in due time a plan in motion
is the way if you believe you can
#We should be free
Sincerely Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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