Justin Larrison

Betrayed, by Justin Larrison

so the past couple weeks things have been different. i quit hearing from my kids mom and was unable to keep in contact with my son through her. then she deleted me off of jaypay then i noticed on her old messages that her name kept changing. i thought she was changing her name to bs messages to me but none of them made any since. until yesterday she put a name on it to some one else. it told me that she was talking to some one else in prison through jaypay and she thought by deleting me i wouldnt see her name change on her old messages and i wouldnt know. it explains so much to me now and alot of thing make since once again. we were and are not together but she was acting as a close friend and to be saying the things she was saying and turning around and doing an saying the same type of things she once told me hurt i felt betrayed it sent me into anger. if it wasnt for n.a., h.a. and a.a. meetings i may have done something stupid. but now i see its addiction and seeing how munipulation words to keep a person where you want them and trying to keep them where you want them and to have a fall back plan that i once used when i was using and selling drugs. its an eye opener. i still feel betrayed, i like the learning im doing. she still dont know that i know all thats been going on but its time to let go and move on

Justin Larrison
DOC #738225

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  1. We have a tendency to blame others for our poor choices. Unfortunately the choices you have made in the past are catching up to you in a most disturbing manner. I suspect you should not feel betrayed as the feeling must come from you…. and allowing such a feeling to enter your world is your choice. Sounds rough but reality of your circumstance and consequences are hard to face.
    Time is now to choose the right perspective where forgiveness and self-reality are surfaced.


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