Holiday Connections, by Joshua Barron

It is December 25th 2018. Here I sit in a two man cell trying to hold in the tears of sadness after calling 2/3 of my phone list. Hearing everyone’s voice, for the first time in my 38 years, I actually felt missed by my siblings. Even the ones I have not felt a closeness too since childhood. I miss them all so very much. I waited to call until the end of the evening in order to not bring the mood of their gathering down. It isn’t their fault I am in here, why would I want to ruin their good time… Others I spoke to tonight aren’t in literal jail, though they too are dealing with separation from loved ones even though they were sitting across from or next to that person.
Regardless of what painful or saddening memories this season brings, I still love and miss all of them so very much. And I hope that in due time we all can become reunited once again and pick up where we all left off.

If anyone has any methods of dealing with the holiday depression, please, feel free to write me and pass on helpful hints/tips. Thank you.

Joshua Barron #A745262
P.O. Box 56
Lebanon, OH 45036

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