Andrew Hunt

Time, Truth & Life, by Andrew Hunt

Our experiences are the best teachers in life,they enable us to recognize the mistakes we’ve made, then when we go to make them again we hopefully learnt from them in the past before so we don’t repeat them.
Two greatest things in life you can give to a person ,Your Time,and the honest to God Truth…with these two covers all things ,your love is measured in Time you invest/give,and Truth let’s souls escape the depths of hell.
In life we see that we are creatures of habit ,noticing that along the way we create patterns as we live each day,we must recognize these patterns especially the negative ones,or we will be destine to repeat them.In order to learn new healthy habits ,we have to unlearn the habits that hinder us from reaching our fullest potential.
Me,my life I now live is not what I chose but I am forced to live.All I have now are my memories which are Gods blessings bestowed upon me,some are good,others not so good but regardless they are lil moments in time that can never be gotten back…so I will value them until this is all over.
Thx 4 your time ,L.I.E2ME .God Bless,

Andrew Hunt
DOC #675-329


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