Noah Williams

Reflection, by Noah Williams

throughout this journey of becoming a man there have been a many of moments that you just want to place blame on everyone but yourself. you replay your life day after day critiquing every mistake you ever badly wanting to be able to change certain choices so you don’t end up in the position your in now.then you begin to settle down and focus on the things you can delve into your bible or hour religion of learn to communicate with god and have long conversations until your hearts content. you read books like the four agreements and apply it to your do the best job you can do surrounding yourself with positive people. you make sure that no matter what your going through you don’t let it affect the energy you put out.everyday you say your sorry for the wrong you’ve done and try to help anyone who needs it with the wisdom you’ve gained from your bad choices. you smile and be yourself because you love to make people continue to ask god to send you a good woman who wants to learn about the person you are.everyday you wake up say thank you for another day breathing and continue to move forward.through reflection and the choices you’ve’ve learned to put your best foot forward and stay positive.

Noah Williams #a560672
Lebanon correctional institution
p.o. box 56
Lebanon, Ohio,45036

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