James Cargle

Introduction Blog, by James Cargle

Hey, my name is James Cargle but everyone calls me JP. I’m currently incarcerated at Lebanon Correctional in Ohio. I’ve been locked up just over 2 years and as it stands now, my release date is the year 2057. I know that sounds like a futuristic date but I’m not done fighting. And I know you probably hear this all the time but I’m an innocent man. The story is long and it is the very reason I’m writing a book about my case–what REALLYY happened. Anyway, I actually love writing so this site you have here is an unexpeected blessing. I look forward to blogging on a wide variety of subjects. My next blog will probably be a brief synopsis of my book, which is based on a true story.
I apologize for any misspelleed words or typos, this Jpay kiosk is a little mmessed up.
Well goodbye for now,, I won’t talk your heads off.

James Cargle
DOC #744-802

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