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Introduction Blog, by David Puckett

My name is David Puckett I am 63 yrs. old, I was born and raised in Mansfield, oh. and is currently incarcerated inl Mansfield. This is my story:

The Journey’s End

Part I

To the ancestors who called me on this mystic journey, and for the guidance, support and blessings I received from them along the way.

The truth that was lost in the morning, comes home in the evening.

The world invisible, viewed
the world untouchable, touched
the world unknown, known
and the world inconceivable, clutchedl

In my heart, I am a hunter, not of big game
but of greater meaning

I carry inside of me, the wonders I seek outside of me. There is Africa and all her wisdom within me.

The wise aim at boundaries beyond the present, by my struggle, I move toward my eternal destination of my spiritual beginning, only to recognize the place for the very first time.

Part II

Now as I approach the close of this sacred journey, through the mystic wisdom of traditional Africa, I am facing the direction faced by my ancestors before me. The mystic direction of heroic transformation and infinite compassion, the direction of blackness and of the rising sun.

If I listen intently, I can make out the ancestor’s voices once again, rolling in echo upon echo, like the timeless motion of the waves.

Today I understand the message they had for me so many years ago.
Once I thought their voices were meant to propel me to do and accomplish great things, in the face of their sacrifice.

Now I know, they only ask that I know that they had gone before me and that I need only to follow the path of their own hero’s journey and when I come upon my Middle Passage find the strength to survive.

And when I come upon that which would chain me down, find the strength to set myself free.
For these heroes and sheroes with African faces have now revealed the hero lies in me.

David Puckett
DOC #620-226


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