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Hello my name is Chama’re Mays , I’m 30 years old . My birthday is November 9th , I’ve been in prison for 11 years and I’m in the middle of appealing my case , if all goes well , I’ll be released in 2020 , if not 2030 .. I’m out going and all the way down to earth , very easy to get along with . I’m a great listener and I give the best possible advice … 🙂 I willing to talk about any and everything .. I’m a open book , I don’t have no type of walls up , so please don’t be shy and feel free to reach out to me if your interested in having some great conversations.. My contact information is
Chama’re Mays #A-626-232 thank you and have a very blessed day….

Chama’re Mays
DOC #A-626-232


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