Caleb Collins

Life, By Caleb Collins

Prison has been an awakening experience for me. I have learned to endure pain, lost and loneliness because since I’ve been in prison those seem to be the only feelings that come. I think my faith in God is the only reason I wake up with hope I know as long as I believe in him and in my self I can do whatever I put my mind to. I’m in Lebanon Correctional Institution it is a level 3 prison so we are locked in our cell majority of the time so I try to keep my self occupied as much as possible , I have a book I’ve been writing for the last 6 months its called The Good Gone Bad its basically me and my little brothers life story. My little brother was killed while I was in prison on September 20th 2015 him and his death inspired me to write the book. Writing has been a great coping skill for my grief that’s why Im glad I found out about this writing blog hopefully the people reading these blogs can relate or at least understand my life and what I’ve been through. Thank you

Caleb Collins
DOC #713314


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