Andrew Hunt

Introduction Blog, by Andrew Hunt

My name is Andrew Hunt,I am currently incarcerated at Warren corrections, in Ohio,I am 42 just had a b-day a couple days ago12-17-1976,I am serving 31to life for a crime in which I am not guilty of but was found guilty at trial 4murder.I don’t have no outdate to speak of but I am certain one day the truth will come out ,I am not giving up ,well Iam About 6ft2 250lbs covered in tattoos a lot I wish I didn’t have …stocky built, spend time doin time (I am a believer n Jesus Christ)I guess I like to listen to music,exercise, and communicate with my Mom an 5children when I can get ahold of them which seems like a lot less these days.
Basically, I stay to myself solo,I don’t indulge in prison life its like I don’t fit in here but forced too. Been real since day one loyal to a fault ,alone in that aspect. Just try to get thru 1 day with forever to go.

Andrew Hunt #675-329


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