Nathan Carter

Trying To Make It, by Nathanel Carter (Uneek The Wryter)

I used to think other peoples circumstances were irrelevant, until I was cast into the deep end of what’s irrelevant. Where bridges were burned, up in smoke-I was dropped miles away from what’s elegant (amongst my family) or driven by foolish impressons of what other people thought about my experience.
Becoming a typical citizen pushing the envelope beyond boundaries where my foundation was sinking quick. I was only interested in fake friends, who’s love was paper thin, where they left me in the basement with a bag of counterfeit Ben-franklins amongst SATANS (cavemen) playing Quija with a bible in hand, sitting in a wheelchair from a botched face-lift, because I was all too anxious, shamless, pathetic and brainless.
Referenced my life as the head line-saying I was better off in disbelief, but soon discovered deep rooted jealousy in me-because I wasn’t handling emotions pure, that’s skin deep. Trying to make it in the same country, who promotes (foe’s from friends), assassinate our relatives, leaving mothers greiving, fathers preaching to brick walls exposing flaws in a curriculum-erasing our immediate culture, failing the children before they’re enrolled into a corrupt school system, based on disorder.
Then create laws that deliver us into prison with less hope and tighter restrictions (yeah the world needs to listen), as the price of existence (living) is a broken dream for those who’s poverty stricten, even have most men and women confused about their gender, making excuses, using us as dinner, label us as sinners.
Here we are witnessed to two sad faces, ours and theirs, standing on the enslavement of idea’s like incarceration is synonymous to degradation with no escape from this mental strain. No longer can you keep the truth away from the unlucky, for the unlucky will start to trust in we-the ones who speaking spoken words filled with truth and emotions.
The truth is, I’m alive (forever-through my daughter) as long as the sun rays touch me. You only live once is what they made up, but keep your acronyms. I’m an original being neither am I African or American. So you can no longer promote me to become a savage living backwards. I’m making it mandatory for all of us to know we’re masters amongst this disaster of living lower than pigeons, above their superstition, I’m a (world of wonder) similar to the Pyramids, where my thought patterns represent for people who can feel this and (emotions) for The Queen Erykah Badu for clearing up the mystery of living-one love for one another.

Nathanel Lamont Carter Jr.
DOC #373-396


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