Steven Meadows

Introduction Blog, by Steven Meadows

Hi my name is Steven Meadows I am 26 years of age. I came into prison at the at the age of 22 (July 14, 2014) and I won’t be leaving until I am 29 (June 26, 2021). I used this time to my advantage, by obtaining my G.E.D, doing programs and now I’m doing college course to earn college credits for when I am released I can get into college and further my education. When I entered prison I was young,dumb and didn’t care about who I was hurting. After sitting here and thinking not only about myself I realize that this is not the life I want to live. I want to go home work hard and do what I got to do to make sure I don’t come back. I want to settle down with someone who I can give the world to and be a happy family. To learn more my contact info is Steven meadows #661-912 you can contact me on or write letters to p.o box 120
Lebanon,Ohio 45036. Thank you for this opportunity.

Steven Meadows
DOC #661-912


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