Kevin Morris

Introduction Blog, by Kevin Morris

My name is Kevin Morris, I’m 43 years old born July 4 ,75 , I’m 6 ft tall , dark skin brown eyes ,low cut hair , i was sentence 8 year sentence in 2013 with 2 years left to go my release date is 2021 January but I should be at the halfway house in 2020 summer, the halfway house it a early release program from ex offers to work their way back in to society an get a job, but Im study and plan on doing real estate,buying and selling homes, and im doing researching in financial and credit repair books so that I may better my self to become a more productive member of society, but in my free time i live a work out lifestyles by staying in shape, eating healthy and taking vitamin, if you want to contact me to talk more my information is Kevin Morris 642-220 /W,C,I / PO,Box 120 / Lebanon, Oh 45036 or its easyer to contact me on J Pay. com to message me back and forth Thank You Kevin Morris aka Mr, Wealthy

Kevin Morris
DOC #642-220

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