Joseph Young

B.I.B (Breakfast In Bed), by Joseph Young (Jay The Poet)

He awakes at the crack of dawn and eases her arm of his chest
Trying not to disturb her beautyful slumber
Without the cucumber and green peal
She lies still not knowing that he’s gone

Not a moment to soon he creeps back into the room
and lands on that board that sweaks with the softest step
She opens her eyes as time stood still
Flashes of the
The Way
The Her
The Yes
The Now
The Us
The Everything all made sense

In his hands was the perfectly planned platter
as if you can vacay on a tray
With a glass of Ocean Spray to finish that fin dish

As He Good Morning Dear
She smiles ear to ear
As she is reminded of a sensation warmth his presence invoked

She is the purpose of his existence
is what he shared as he stared in to the windows of her soul

He consistently keeps her spirts up
Keeping up with the qualities that She and He
Compliment dually

Deep breaths through their nasal passages
As their lips passionately meet
She’s sweep off her feet before they can even touch the floor
Fresh from a snore
He was destine to ensure She felt His heart
Like a cardiologist
A true loves frisk

No other word needed that exsist
Nothing says I love you
Like starting a day like this

This is for the Lovers hoping they still exist in a world that has become less and less and less romantic.

Joseph Young
DOC #553581

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