Nathan Carter

Authentic, by Nathanel Carter Jr. (Uneek The Wryter)

When it came to being authentic within my existence-I stood for nothing and lacked experience. Even better, I didn’t adapt to being clever than my own past dysfunction-becoming the topic of unfriendly irregular gossip.
I was lost to myself and paid too much attention to other peoples opinions when it truly concerned me-mentally they valued me less than their foolish assumption that offended me in the worst way-deeply. Then I relaxed in my minds laboratory as the approach towards my production of speaking my story deserves no applauds, but a standing ovation.
Now ain’t this something…
Finally discovered one reason that kept me from being disruptive or pressing someone inconsiderate buttons.
Authenticity, word to Draya Michelle and Jay-Z…People been judging me like they were God, and I was less than the illegal tender they idolized without golden intentions. Recognized I had to be smarter than the game I idolized and to my surprise I began to strategize, then love myself better after uncovering the courage of being comfortable and friend to myself.
Selfish became my other reason of redefining myself to escape the pain of abandonment, so Imastered being authentic becoming the author of my life in this transition of expressions, being thankful for the pain I accepted to change my circumstances to bask in my authenticity.
I’m plcing love back into everything I vision while I inhale loyalty, respect, honesty and exhale royalty to love me better. Can’t You See, what the world did to me, it made me better…

Nathanel Carter Jr.
DOC #373-396

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