Walter West

Lockdown: Day 1, by Walter West

5:03 pm Odd. sometimes we talk about the great things that we’ve accomplished, only to wake up the next day & said accomplishment is gone. And that is exactly what happened to me.
I sent out my 1st blog Thurs. Dec 7th and the very next day I got locked up. (For those that don’t know, when I say locked up, I’m speaking about being placed in administrative segregation for violating a prison rule).
Someone here told officials that I was printing photos of naked women and giving them to someone else to sell. So they shook down (searched) my property, did not find anything, and decided to search the computer that I am or rather was assigned to. I was let go. Several hours later i was drying off in the shower when the CO (corrections officer) said, “Walter West, hurry dry off, and come with me.” I threw on my shorts and a t-shirt, kept my slippers on and headed to the lt’s office. Immediately I was handcuffed and read my rights!
I took the long humilated walk to the cellblock unit, head high, looking on as some of my fellow prisoners observed me.
at the cellblock unit, i was placed in a sower. i removed my clothes placed thim in a plastic bag, and then was adorned witha white all-in-one jumpsuit. the co put shackles on my wrists and ankles, & i was placed in a cell.
I was in a cell by myself. alone with my thoughts. some guys on the teir knew me so they hollared and wanted to know the usual. “Man, what you in here for” “Dog what got you?” F@3k what you think they gone do? I responded with the typical “30c, i don’t know, i don’t know”
You would thing being in a cell is normal, and you may be right in another state. but not in louisiana. everybody in general population is housed in open dormitories are in some placed teirs. this is my 1st write up (disciplinary report) in over 4 yrs.
Last meal showed up around 3pm. beans/rice, cornbread, pudding. typical b.s. Okay so i ate it. Number 1 rule of all species is survival. since I showered before i got here, I skipped that night.
that 1st night is always the worst. No t.v. no phone no music no socks on; and well… no drawers or boxers either. needless to say, it was cold. I barely slept. my mattress was so thing, i couldn’t lie on one side for more than 20 minutes. dama, for every action there is a consequence. sometimes when it comes back it hurts.

if you have any questions or would like to contact me, you can do so by emailing me thru: Walter West #426915 (state La)
or thru snail mail at:

Walter West #426915
Raymond Laborde CC/ C3-C1
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport, La 71327

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