Jonah The Man Who Tried To Flee From The Calling Of God, by Terry Crossty

Jonah was a man who ran away from what God wanted him to do. Have you ever ran away from what God has called you to do? We all have. God called Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh so that the people there would be saved and not perish by the wrath of God. Jonah didn’t want to go to Nineveh because he didn’t want them to be saved he thought it would just be better for God to just kill the whole city. Jonah wanted God to judge the people of Nineveh , he didn’t think that they were worthy of God’s grace. So Jonah thought that it would be best to run away from the calling of God and go in the other direction. Jonah loaded a ship that would take him 2,550 miles to tarshish in stead of taking the 550 mile journey to Nineveh . What Jonah didn’t understand is that there is no way you can run or hide from the Lord God. When its the Lord’s will, his will, will be done. See you might think you are running from God’s will but what you don’t see is that you are sinking. Life just isn’t going right when your living outside of the will of God. You also have to be willing to pay the price of where you are trying to go. When your living in the will of God he will pay the price to where he needs you to be. when things go wrong and you are living outside the will of God you forget that its God disciplining you trying to get you to repent and draw near to him. You know allot of times as believers we sleep through what God is trying to show us, that’s when the stormy situations arise in our life. Look at how Jonah got so far out of the will of God that he would rather die then to go save the city of Nineveh .
understand that the storm that’s going on is spiritual and not meteorological. So while fleeing from the calling of God Jonah was asleep on the ship a major storm came. The men on the ship began praying to the gods they pray to and Jonah was down in the cargo hold sleep like a baby. The captain came to Jonah and said how can you sleep at a time like this the storm that has come is about to sink us, He said to Jonah your a preacher get up and pray to your God. The men on the ship came to the conclusion that the storm was happening because of Jonah, Jonah told the men to throw him overboard, after they did so the storm stopped then the men prayed to the God of Jonah and offered sacrifice and offering and making vows to God. So while fleeing from the calling of God Jonah is still saving souls.
While in the ocean the Lord God prepared a whale to swallow Jonah up and three days and three nights Jonah was in the belly of the whale. On the third day Jonah prayed and called out to God and repented for not listening to God.
That’s the power of the Lord. God will put you in a situation so great that you will have no choice but to call on him. I want the readers to understand that when you do call on the lord in the stormy situations your life and the circumstances will began to change.
So after three days Jonah was vomited up on dry land in the city of Joppa , in the beginning of the story Joppa was were Jonah loaded on to the ship at. God is so amazing he brought Jonah back to his point of disobedience, basically God said let’s try this again. God told him for the second time arise and go to Nineveh . Jonah wanted to know the details before the journey then he would go . God told him go first and then I will fill you in . The lesson God is trying to teach us is to live in faith not by sight. God gives us the chance to repent so he can lesson the judgement. God loves us all.The Lord only wants what’s good for us. So when God speaks to you and tell you to do something just do it , the reward will be great. God wants to bless us but we have to be obedient to him. Jonah didn’t know, God was leading him to lead one of the greatest revivals known in the history of the bible where the whole city of Nineveh repented and turn away from their evil ways.
God will keep messing with you until you grow up spiritually. Know that when you are going through whatever storm that’s arising in your life that its only by God’s appointment that these things are happening. Understand that you cannot be a recipient of God’s grace, until you are a dispencer of it. When hard times come , know that God is trying to tell you something. Don’t be ashamed to take your problems to God, There is nothing too great for God to do. In fact God wants to help you. Remember to call on God and live in your faith.
God bless you all. Happy Holidays
Luke chapter 2 verse 1-20. The birth of Jesus
you can respond on or in the mail if there is anything I can pray for you about, or just any questions in general hit me up . My out date is coming soon 3-5-2019 . Thanks for reading I hope I have inspired you to live in faith.

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