Barnell Johnson

I Know Now, by Barnell Johnson

I know now, that love follows the heart even in the dark, misunderstandings creates emotions thats plays its part, I know now loyalty is thin and hatred is thick, I picked you up when you aint have $#it, put you in a crib and touch your kids rib, When he hit you I put neosporin on your lip, Christmas time I seen tears and glow, God do answer prayers from above,You had no idea the potential was beneath the surface of this thug, If I didn’t know any better, you would have affect alot of my future decisions, and have me stressed out in prison, but truly it’s a welled learned and earned blessing, now I’m waiting for that similar woman who gazing in the same direction, someone I can let her know her FEELINGS and OPINIONS matter, someone I can build with and go up the latter… I KNOW NOW………………………

Hey I am looking for a friend I can encourage and build with from experiences understand that God put certain individuals in eachother life wheter its for SEASONS or REASONS…

HIt me on the Jpay with an intro and a pic if you decide to turnover a new leaf and give us a try………..

Barnell Johnson
DOC #498987

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