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Is the mafia in the white house? Rudy Guilani , once a prosecutor who went relentlessly after the New York mob in the eighties and nineties , says “its not like any one was killed” in reference to the multiple indictments and investigations going on within and around the presidency. Trump calls Cohen a rat , something John Gotti called Sammy the bull Gravano. The NRA had the Russian woman arranging meetings with american politicians. Hush money being paid out to women who were used for sex and personal play things . And what about the out of control domestic violence against women by high profile athletes? These guys beat the hell of some tiny petite woman and just pay a fine that doesn’t even dent their daily pocket… a Cleveland Ohio guy , a nobody, rapes his girlfriend and knocks her around and gets out of jail the next day on a 5 thousand dollar bond. Then he goes and shoots her the face with a shot gun maiming her for life. I stole some money while in possession of a gun , and my bond was a million dollars. Guess what I would of did if I could have gotten out on 5 thousand dollar bond….went home and read a book. but the state deemed me dangerous because I walked into a public building and came out with tens of thousands of dollars.
I ask the public , who do want in jail , thieves or people who beat on women and kill them…I ask you to look up some cases in Lima a few years back there were three cases where a man killed his girlfriend and none received more than 15 years. but us thieves and drug offenders are getting 20 – 50 year sentences.
And to Guliani , yes someone did die – A sweet little girl in one of your prison camps in the southwest , a little Hispanic child because your doctors didn’t want to bother with her…I guess the american dream is only for the white privileged. just like Hitlers old guard fascism…

A mass of hands press on the market window ,ghost of progress dressed in slow death , feeding on hunger and glaring through the promise , upon the food that rots in the aisle
a mass of nameless , at the oasis , that hides the graves beneath the master’s hill ,are buried for drinking , the rivers water while shackled to the line at the empty well…this is the new sound , just like the old sound , just like the noose wound over the new ground , over the burning ground , the new sound
listen to the fascist sing — ” take hope here , war is else where , you were chosen , this is god’s land , soon we’ll be free of blot and mixture ”
seeds planted by our forefather’s hand , a mass of promises begin to rupture , like the pockets of the new world kings , like swollen stomachs in Appalachia , like the priest that fucked you while he whispered holy things , a mass of tears have transformed the stones now , sharpened on the suffering and woven into the slings , hope lies in the rubble of this rich fortress taking today what tomorrow never brings
ain’t it funny how the factory doors close, around the time the school doors close , around the time a hundred thousand jail doors open up to greet you like the reaper , like ashes in the fall

Ashes in the fall , — Rage against the machine

Travis Smith
DOC #529433

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