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Today is the day that the lord has made we shall rejoice and be glad in it…
Thats scripture but how many of us follow sound advice to the letter? Or have we heard so much advice we have to many thoughts to choose from so we are just as confused as we were before we accepted the advice or understood the advice. I said advice four times including this sentence. and lets look at the sound of this word you have Add and Vice. So in sound it can say add a vice.. many times this is exactly what we do we add vice’s when we run into trouble we add to our habits of drinking alcohol or doing dugs we add to the problems we have… The best advice is to do all that you can to subtract from the problem…. In this life we live.. All seems to be fast paced and moving at record speeds especially with all of the forms of technology that we have. Lets try something in our day to day interactions and reactions lets try to instead of complain keep silent instead of show frustration tell yourself I feel much better and things will be much better in the time of turmoil slow down and pay attention to your thoughts and you will find that you are repeating something in your mind that snowballs whatever that may have happened it could have happened a day ago its in the past melted in yesterday and memorie why give it any energy the best thing to do for today and every day is think positive thoughts and have positive reactions and eventually the results will catch on….. This was my free style meaning I wrote it off the top of my head….. God bless you have a nice day..

Major Mccormick
DOC #686167


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