Studio Love, by Nakeem Williams (aka: Keem Da Great)

Tunes(Music) is and has been universal language as long as I can remember. Somehow some way I have this talent that is beyond my understanding so I can do is be thankful for the blessing/gift the powers that be has giving me. Incarceration couldn’t even stop me from doing music. Not jus writing but all out producing it. I couldn’t go to the booth so I brought the booth to me. Haha Now that’s GREAT. check this out” Hey love I returned home its been a long time, while I was out I promise you was on my mind, it feel so good to be up inside you, I got someone but you jus make it right boo, and ion need nobody else, I ain’t Neva had a feeling like the chemistry I felt, wit you, my boo, studio love I swear I miss you” My letter to the booth.

Nakeem Williams
DOC #658-688

Categories: music, Nakeem Williams

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