Joseph Young

GRAY NIGHTS, by Joseph Young (Jay The Poet)

This piece was inspired by My bestfriend who in Her darkest of days needed a slight reminder of Her “Glow”

Move cloud
I refuse to let you block
The brightest of Stars shine
I have witnessed it for to long
And for to long
You have had the view wrong and
Lead this Star to believe its not
Not this night
It is time to remind this star of its

Star shine
Illuminate to shine your greatness
For the most worthy of eyes
Illuminate to show the
Strength and Value
Buried deep inside
Not allowing the pride and vanity of your shine
Hide the dimmest part of you
No matter the point of view
Your shine remains true

Star shine
Like you a have never shined before
You may not feel your brightest
Right this
Right this
Your job is to shine for those
who need your light

Shine for the Stars the proceed you
Shine for those black holes that assumed
You where consumable

Shine for those times false stars faded
Left you feeling shaded
Had you hanging like a simple painting
Trying to distort you

Shine because
The beauty in you is still viewed
By multitudes
High and low places
Tops of towers for hours
in the quietest of nights

So when a time comes again
A cloud tries to block your view
Just let the beauty in you
Shine right through

Joseph Young
DOC #553-581

Categories: Joseph Young, poems

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