THE TOUCH OF A WOMAN, by Timothy Van Gundy II

Being in prison obviously sucks, I could go on and on about all that I hate or about all the things I miss. But the one thing that KILLS me is not being around women! Because nothing and I mean nothing come close to the touch of a woman. I’m not even talking about sex. I’m talking about when you really love a woman and she gives you that feeling with an embrace or just the slighest touch, but you feel THAT feeling radiating through your whole body! For example there was this one girl in particular, we would dance together. She would wrap her arms around my neck and I would bring her in close and no matter how close she was, I couldn’t bring her in close enough! Or its like laying in bed with your lady and you’re all tangled up together while she lays her head on your chest and stares up at you and you’re afraid to move because you don’t want to ruin the moment and lose that special feeling.These are the memories that help me smile on raining days and look forward to brighter days when I will be free again. To every woman I was lucky enough to cross paths with, I want to thank you for instilling in me the appreciation for the touch of a woman. For the ones I hurt I’m truly sorry and I forgive all the ones that hurt me. Because of ALL of you, I know what I want and I know what I don’t want. More importantly I know how to treat a lady. I know how to talk, more importantly I know how to listen. I know when to take charge and lead and I know when to play the background. I know how to be hard and still be sensitive at the same time. I know when to treat her like a princess and I know when to treat her like a woman. Lastly I know how to be an unselfish lover because it is much better to give than to receive, trust me! So to all the women of the past I thank you again because we might not have been meant to be… But we were meant to happen, and I will take all your lessons with me! And to my future lady, I’m a lover with a lot to offer, I’m worth the wait but until we meet, I’ll be reminiscing, thinking and missing the touch of a woman!!!

Thanks again for this great outlet Suzie! For anyone that reads this appreciate what you have because you don’t want to lose it and have a lifetime of regret!!!

Contact Info: Timothy Van Gundyll#721-720 @ or

Timothy Van Gundyll #721-720
P.O.Box 56
Lebanon, Ohio 45036


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