David Dull

My Kenyan College Experience, by David Dull

Not very often can I say that I look forward to any particular day in prison, but that changed about three months ago when I was selected as a student for a pilot program called “Inside Out.” Every Monday night for twelve weeks, I was part of a college English class consisting of ten outside Kenyan College students and ten fellow inmates. Our professor, Ms. Fernando drove with her outside students every Monday, brought them inside of the prison, and taught us equally in one of the prison classrooms. We all learned more than we ever expected and met friends we will never forget.

It was just a college English course, but I will never forget the extraordinary men and women, outside and inside students, who were open-minded and brave enough to participate. I have no doubt that I will one day hear of Schuyler winning an election, Melissa becoming a doctor, or Cecily marching for an important cause. The whole experience was more than I expected and I am forever grateful to Kenyan College, the students, Professor Kathleen Fernando, and the administration here at the prison for allowing such a program to take place.

David Dull #291-601
Richland Correctional Inst.
Mansfield, OH

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