John Caudill


I saw a shadow pass by,it raised above me and looked down. I was instantly limp,I could see it but my eyes were closed.that’s weird. and there is this amazing orchestra playing ive never heard this song. it is oh so soothing just total peace,everything that I care about is in my sight and appearing so is this right ,it feels so euphoric, i see a man up ahead he looks determined and he is holding something, what could that be? its huge whatever it is oh that’s a book oh he must have heard me because the music has stopped and why on gods green earth has everyone got on white oh,that book must me old,very old.and I meant no disrespect. he knows my name and he speaks of my crimes,what’s going on? oh my I’m in so much pain now I can’t breathe my lungs hurt so bad and my whole body is on fire and im stuck I can’t even move to help myself why is this happening? did I not pray? did I do such wrong? I thought I confessed my sins. what do you mean I did it wrong? I followed the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth,obviously I’m still on earth and haven’t left yet but the pain has intensified. I no longer care for REM.
and I’m sure I will wake up soon. wow its so dark. everyone who I care for is gone so I guess this is the new norm.well my alarm clock just went off and I must go to work or its segregation for you INMATE ,but its cool just another day in this sanctuary for the seven deadly sins where its game on for the ones who hold us captive and I thought that was a crime,but the judge read me my sentence and he said “son do you understand”and I didn’t understand but now I stand under and that’s what that meant. so one day my world within will control my world without and I will get out and I will be in church every Sunday and no more shadows now because my lamp is lit.

DOC #A647500

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