Barnell Johnson

Love and Hate, by Barnell Johnson

Hi, relationships tend to start off right
Making futures look, oh so bright
But somewhere along the way
Darkness will fall on a couple sunny days
Then they’ll overlook,
The feeling that brought them together
That got them through,
So much stormy weather!
Because neither will give in to foolish pride,
Anger and resentment, has nowhere to hide
Hurtful words only makes things worst
Cause they were said without thinking first
Now hearts are broken, and patients grown thin
Find the prize of being life partners no one win
So, each decide togo their separate ways
Finding regret, to their lonely days
While trying t figure out what went wrong
Finally realizing, they didn’t use their love
to keep them strong!
Many don’t seem to understand,
True love is a test and couples fails
Because they don’t do there best
Work has to be put into, anyhing you do
Because anyone could say I LOVE YOU
But if it’s not shown
One or both will feel all alone
Always keep it fresh and alive
so that what you share will stay alive
Keep in mind,
love can hurt, but at the same time be great
If you don’t cross that line, between love and hate.

If you are seeking and willing to turnover a new leaf in life and need someone with an ear and an open mind, someone that will be honest witcha (your opinions do matter) hit me through the snail mail or we can cumminicate today if you goto and type in my name and doc# and we can start from there…….

Barnell Johnson #498987
RLCC Cajun 1 C-1 bed #21
1630 Prison Road
Cottenport,La 71327

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