David Dull

Is it me? by David Dull

Is it me? Has everyone in the past 10 years just gotten really sensitive over just about everything? I know that I’ve been locked up a long time, but its like you can’t say anything or have an opinion that differs from society’s new “norms” without your very character being attacked and your employability coming into question. Does the First Amendment mean anything anymore? And please don’t give me the cliche of “your free to say what you want but there is still consequences.” It just seems to me that without differing opinions, or even ignorant beliefs even on highly sensitive subjects, the world would be, well really I’m not sure. Maybe I don’t understand it all, but we’ve become too sensitive over the most trivial events. Everyone has a right to their opinions, right? Not anymore it seems, just ask Kevin Hart. Its comedy people, stop taking it so personally.

David Dull
DOC #291-601


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