Shara Cooper

Good Bye, by Shara Cooper

Secretly I despise the two words ‘Good Bye’ since they seem to make one word called ‘heartache’.
It hurts. I really does hurt to say ‘good bye’ as it breeds finality.
It’s over. It’s done. It is finish. These words are never fun especially when you are having fun.
Nevertheless, ‘good bye’ seems to frequently find its way into my life.
It used to make me weak. Causing me to sob and weep.
Not anymore. Growing stronger overtime in learning that ‘good bye’ is inevitable.
Now, I smile. But, I won’t lie…there remains a hurt deep inside. I don’t believe that will go away no matter how strong I grow.
So today I say ‘good bye’ to another sweet soul that has made a wonderful impression upon my soul.
I can only hope that it is not final. That one day we will meet again. That some day she will remember me. That our meeting does not become a faded memory. I can only hope… as I say ‘good bye’ to you.
As I saw you walk out that door… as my lips parted to whisper ‘good bye’… under my breath I sighed… although my eyes were dry, with my heart I cried…as today became the time for you to go home.
Good bye Trish. Take good care of yourself. Live and enjoy your new life to the fullest extent. You deserve this beautiful and exciting new beginning!
I am so very happy for you.
Good bye Trish! Good bye!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560


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