Robert Brandy

Will We Ever Be Equal (Spoken Word), by Robert M. Brandy

Why take from me?
As if the system wasn’t already ‘gettin over,
Race, had been ‘ah beautiful thing until the – ism came ‘struttin over,
They say you can Bloom wherever you Planted,
And, while the Rich get educated – I guess the Poor gotta learn to take nothing for granted,
But, ‘ah wise man told me this,
He said, “Time the biggest Snitch in the World” and you can have all the Riches just don’t worship the World,
Whatever happened to the 8 months and 14 days?
They can raise the price of gas, but not the minimum wage,
The way they ‘givin out this time (pause) yeah, we in the last days,
And, I guess 2Pac had it right- some things ‘ah never change,
But yet we hoping for a Change; like the man gone give us Change,
It’s US against Them ya’ll we need to use our brains,
Free My Mind To Loose These Chains…
Got me visualizing Dr. King and all the sacrifices made,
The resolution is the Revolution ain’t no ‘disputin,
Tired of slave like mentalities being recycled through Institutions,
So what you got ‘ah higher education – and you got ‘ah decent job,
Instead of emulating for the People you’d rather see US starve,
You ain’t even ‘ah Uncle Tom – for at least he helped free the Slaves,
But you to blind to understand that you just being played,
The premonition of my strife became the premise of my life,
Looking through my rearview I knew that prison was in sight,
Was I apart of the three- fourths of Angels that fell?
Cause now I dwell in ‘ah Cell and it’s hotter than Hell…
And I’m still tryna find my way back home, (lost)
Tryna rationalize with my thinking- saying I don’t belong,
Cause where I’m from old ladies play numbers and hope they lottery hit,
Young cats play ball and hope they lottery picks,
Didn’t need to stand trial – I was Convicted In The Womb,
In ‘ah concrete jungle even ‘ah flower bloom,
The Bible even says the fastest runners don’t win the race,
And you can tell we near the end when God’s ‘callin all the Greats,
We just lost Dr. Mya Angelou did you hear the Heavens shake?
And if my growth depends on freedom – then what about my faith…
Now Brother damn that man who claims you three – fifths of ‘ah man,
He only did that so you ‘ah never understand the strength of yo Clan,
I stand unmoved when I say that I move for the People,
Just cause our President was Black ya’ll; don’t mean that we equal… Peace!

Robert M. Brandy
DOC #428-509


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