John Caudill


I’m pretty sure THEY KNOW, but they don’t want to admit it and I’m pretty sure its on both ends but who can face the music first and who really wants the truth when you think about it.THEY KNOW. knowing means having knowledge of. and weather or not its conscious or subconscious,you know what I mean right? well maybe you follow to an extent or not at all,oh well, jokes on you because you must follow before you can lead but then again look at all of our crack myself up sometimes so on that note don’t follow just where was I.. oh…THEY KNOW. so you really think that she don’t know? and he really believes she truly won’t find out,like really, really really? me personally, I don’t even want to start down that road in a web of lies because that simple road turns into an eight lane highway. THINK. stop now, just right your wrongs buddy and hope that,that other woman Karma doesn’t catch up with you,because she’s a serious woman and that other woman don’t deserve that,she’s been nothing but good to you and now youve got her saying I Love You.THEY KNOW.on both ends,I swear but he needs money and she needs someone to care.he needs commissary and she wants him to notice her hair and in all reality she’s the only one who cares.but THEY KNOW. not her and him but others around them,right? see this is what you don’t want to hear,the masses prefer an illusion but if I don’t write the truth then I’m a liar and if I blog about weather and flowers then I’m the good guy.well ,I’m me and trying to get others to be genuine is what I love. its one of the ultimate challenges in this environment. THEY KNOW. when is it ever okay to deceive someone else for self gain? THINK.never,some would say but its happening! my mother doesn’t deserve that, my sister doesn’t deserve that and my daughter surely doesn’t either,and yes I have all three and more.THEY KNOW. I won’t let them fall into the deep abyss. and to be clear not every scenario fits my current words in this dialogue about THEY. and I say dialogue because I talk to self before I talk to you,lol,chicken soup for the universe.{<—Claimed) wow, oh,how I love this blogger life,thank you Suzie.and I can't speak to the guy next to me because he's only worried about completing this program so he can go home early and "buy some good shit"so THIS PLACE is doing a great job at rehabilitation(sarcasm) but I assure you THEY KNOW. if they truly cared about rehabilitation and correction,then the recidivism rate would drop and there wouldnt be that many prisoners. STOP..that would be bad for business. THEY KNOW. so how should I continue this. speaking about my hopes and thinking of "what ifs" well I've been in here for roughly 3070 days and it doesn't work,only MANIFESTATION does.and THEY KNOW but they don't want me to because it hurts their R.O.I. and should we all get out, what will she do? and who will he hurt? and where will THEY work.but then again THEY KNOW that,that won't happen, you've got a better chance of seeing a Phoenix rise from his ashes. so we might as well let him finish his classes and complete that program and get those"good days" and come on home and maybe, just maybe be one of the few who treats her right and cherishes her every thought and breath and stays loyal and puts her first and she can finally let out a sigh of relief for that weight that has been on her shoulders since the last guy did the same thing that her first husband did has been lifted. and she will now know that he's the one for her.although he is a man and has been taught to be tough but he's been hurt and he too is so relieved. they're in love and THEY KNOW.

DOC #A647500

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