Maurice Williams

KNOWING WHO YOU ARE (PART 3), by Maurice Williams

Weaknesses come in many forms, and are able to eradicate the effort one puts toward change and opportunity. It can devastate relationships, reputations, and even one’s own perception of who they are, Fear of responsibility can be a big weakness. Not knowing if one could live up to expectation, they could find excuses to justify their lack of obligation. People find out moment by moment, and action by action who they are and want they represent; thereby, discovering who they don’t want to be and what they don’t want to represent. So people start to analyze their actions to determine if the consequences that follow are worth the gratification they were seeking.
In all, weakness is powered by one critical attribute, the lack of self control in its full maturity. Self-control gives a person the ability to rule over one’s temptations and wrong desires; it is the ability to evoke mental attributes such as motivation, determination and integrity. Self-control allows one to correctly clarify the necessary mentality to substantiate what’s subversive, and identify the rightful actions to take pertaining to any given situation or circumstance. Not having self-control opens the door to disaster in one’s life, oftentimes leading to erratic decisions prone to carnal desires, but through these failures one can come to the undestanding of self-control and its importance. The power to become greater resides in each individual person. The experiences of life teach people how to endure and transform through each success and failure. Moore believes it first comes from the heart, when a person embraces what they think and feel in their heart and not opposing what it encourages. Self-control is a vital part of maturity and able mindedness. Without self-control, one can only succeed for so long before their vices sabotage everything they have worked hard for. Hillman writes, “Character traits include vices and virtues. They do not define character. Character defines them. Perseverance or loyalty may instigate a criminal act as well as a just one” (1992, p197).
Understanding what type of person one’s character traits personify helps to build strength and maintain consistency in knowing who they are. People are often encountered by oppositions within themselves, forcing them to self-analyze and give considerable thought to what’s the reasoning behind their actions. The recognition of strength gives a person the ability to take advantage over the weaknesses that stagnate their growth. An important strength a person should acquire is patience. Acknowledging that no change happens over night people can become more willing to wait in the midst of struggles, as they continually strive to take hold of the greatness they possess inside. Perseverance is a strong character trait. People should always persevere to see the totality of their lives, always remembering that it is not how they start but how they finish. Character reflects what is deep rooted in a persons’ psyche. When people are able to face themselves and truly accept responsibility they begin to mature.
Most battles that people will face are outside of themselves and meant to build their confidence for the battle they must face within. People should acknowledge that the only thing they can control begins and ends with the decisions they make on a daily basis. But facing the truth about oneself is a hard pill to swallow. Who wants to confront their weakness or the garbage they hide in the closets of their minds. Not many people are willing to accept responsibility for their actions but that is exactly what’s necessary in discovering who you are.
Overall, knowing who you are helps people to stay on track, and gives them the opportunity to make the decisions that best represent who they are. It allows them to embrace all that they are while paving the way for them to become all they should be. People should percieve themselves in the best light, always giving effort to become better than yesterday. James Allen the author of AS A MAN THINKETH writes, “As the plant springs from and could not be without, the seed, so every act of man springs from the hidden seeds of thought, and could not have appeared without them” (1997, p4). So today, people should balance their thoughts to be in harmony with who they want to be, always remembering their weaknesses as they capitalize on their strengths.

Maurice Williams
DOC #636892


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