Is a virtuous woman nonexisent now in 2018? by Maurice Robinson

Now I’d like to consider myself to be a God fearing man, not overly religous but I definitely acknowledge that Jesus died for me and is my Lord and Saviour. I also like to read the scripture to feed my spirit and for guidance in my personal life….
So I had a problem occur that no one could truly answer so I sought my refuge in the Word. And I came across a scripture that presented a question “Who can find a virtuous woman ?” A question I’ve been asking myself for the last couple of years also.
Because due to my current reality or whereabouts, my quest for both a virtuous woman and the so-called American Dream has been all a little too elusive for me. So much so, I have often questioned the authenticity of love, thinking it was just this make believe entity made popular by Soap Operas and to use to sell sappy ass romance novels. Although, I must admit that I loved “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks
To be 100% honest, I’ve sometimes even questioned myself, the hopeless romantic at heart, thinking that I was unfit for that traditional monogamous love or the so-called soulmate.
So therefore, I was being punished and being made to go companionless perhaps for all the heinous sins I committed as a teen prior to my incarceration and for the things I may’ve done in the beginning stages of my imprisonment as a mentally unconscious young man….
So I wonder in this new era of just hooking up, being dubbed as just “friends” instead of the more traditional boyfriend/girlfriend label or title. Does the virtous woman, who’s worth more than rubies still exist in 2018 ?? Or did monogamy, building family traditions, or even marriage all go extinct with the dinosaurs ?
Is it karma or is seeking a woman wanting one loyal, good man for just herself a classic time in history ? Is tthis kind of love between man and woman, like the examples set or shared by some of our parents and grandparents still obtainable in 2018 or the upcoming New Year ??
Tell me…I’m listening

Maurice Robinson
DOC #274715

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