Jason Mackerchar

Unappreciated, by Jason MacKerchar

Do you ever feel unappreciated..? I do.. I built these workouts for my workout partners and they never say thank you or that was rough or that was a good one.. They don’t say nothing.. Today was a very simple workout.
This is the lay out. Super simple..
5 Squat cleans at 95lbs
10 double unders
10 toe to bars
5 rounds..
Got a good workout and great time doing it and no one can come close to my time.. Maybe they are just hating on me.. Lol. Its okay. I hope that’s not the case..I wouldn’t want that ever. I strive to always push myself and others around me..I walked up to a guy yesterday and saw that his ban squat was crusty. I asked home if he wanted a free lesson on a correct back squat and he said no I’m good. It was so annoying because I know what I’m doing and what to look for in unproper form But he said he has been doing it for twenty years and he knew what he was doing.. Lol. Poor guy..
I just like helping I guess.. But the feeling of unappreciation comes with added stress probably.. Idk.
Well I hope this blog helps with anything.
The holidays are the roughest for me. If anyone wants to comment or ask questions I’m here..


Jason MacKerchar
DOC #77009

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  1. You always do your very best everyday!! I have only known you a week and I know how hard you work…so proud of for as far as you have come keep your dreams alive..❤


  2. When you begin to do according to your outcome, reconsider why you began in the first place. I’m sure you do love helping people. That’s what this world needs; but, it’s not what this world knows. Service is for a price any more, not out of the goodness of a heart. What’s your intention when you offer some free lesson to someone. Consider the world we live in, that y’all are incarcerated, and his age. The light is always to light the way, no matter which path someone takes.


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