Anthony Pierre

“The Initiate of a Godman” by Anthony Claude Pierre El-Bey

Dedicated To my Brother Kenneth da God
My taught me that the art of being an initiate to Godhood is the ability to transform from the mundane to the spiritual. It is a way of life seen and experinced through the opened sight of Oneness. We have the ultimate ability to find resolve in any situation we find ourselves in. After every struggle, there is ease. Simple reason being is that, we know and overstand that we are small but significant parts to a greater whole. So the only thing that counts for the initiate to Godhead is the overall upkeep and maintaining of order to the whole. And through proper calculation and determination, we can see ourselves through any situation we find ourselves in. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience, and not the other way around. As most people walk through their whole mortal existence thinking that they are nothing more than physical creations on an ultimate trip back to some mystery God in the sky. The initiate has purpose for being, and is on a paramount mission to complete these ends. It is far better to dare mighty things; to triumph gloriously, rather than take ranks with those poor spirits who fear failure, they neither enjoy much nor suffer much nor suffer much because they make no attempts at greatness, they live in gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. “A wise man knows his limits, a great man knows he has none.” And the overall purpose in this endeavored clandestine mission is the re-establishing of the Divine law!!! (Maat). The Divine Law entails the supreme manifestations of Truth-Justice-Equality-Peace-Harmony-Order. In short, restoring equilibrium back to its original structure over mother earth. (I.e., Heaven on Earth).
He also taught me that “We must love instead of Hate.” Hate is a weak emotion that people prey on to keep you down in times of adversity. But its not outside forces that we’re at war with. If you wish to se your savior, look in the mirrior. Its name is “Self”. If you want to see your enemy (inna-me), look in the mirrior. Its name is “Self.” The 7 deadly etheral sins of the lower self must be overcome by our highest self.
I thank Allah the GreatGod much for my brother for being such an inspiration and my aspiration for 20 years of my incarceration. He’s been there for me since day one when we were kids and we still roll like Big Suge and Pac. My books stay fat and pictures stay rolling in. That’s without a woman on a God team. But Allah shelters the meek and those with humility as my brother has for me. I love you my dude. Hotep forever. 100!!! All my haters, I love you too! Facts….. 20 years in the joint, and I’m still here. Facts…

Anthony Claude Pierre El-Bey, @ Raymond Laborde Correctional Center

Anthony Pierre
DOC #00356090

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