Robert Carradine

P.T.M continued (pg 24-27), by Robert Carradine

Page 24.
Money was mad as fuck ” all you had to do is say excuse me or my fault but no you just mobbed pass like you didn’t give a fuck so I don’t give a fuck about beating your ass ” he was talking to a slumped body that was not responding.As they walked out the bathroom Half was laughing at Money because he thought the situation was not worth the hassle. Half was finishing his the last of the Moet when they walked passed the bar leaving the empty bottle. Outside the bar as they headed to Money’s car a group of guys ran out the bar and flooded the streets headed in the direction of where they was parked .Money stopped to piss on the side of someone’s car ” man that shit was crazy now that’s how you get your respect from a bitch motha fucker you have to beat it out of them ” that’s when Half seen the group running through the lot between cars pulling his glock out he yelled for Money to pay attention” look out !!!!” letting the clip rip trying to lay cover for Money to get to the whip .It was so many of them when his popped the next clip in it seems like they was closer but they was not shooting back that Money yelled” bleed let’s go , let’s go!!!” The car fished tailed out the parking lot into traffic as they left the flats the night was young was they headed up St.Clair and drove towards the Gotcha INN .Pulling on to 33rd you could see that it was shaking the cops was parked out front. Money parked on Lakeside a little down but they will be cool. It was now twelve o’ clock And people was still just getting there Money asked “what do I smell like? all I smell is gun smoke” Half looked at him ” that’s me smelling like gun smoke boy you smell like that Hennessey dude spilled on you ,how you about to hit the club and you got that stain on your shirt ?” Money looked at the stain that’s nothing he popped the trunk while Half was freaking a mild he switched shirts and head back to the driver side door” bring in some bud and shells we can smoke in here ” they made there way to the door it was like everyone knew Money he slid the guy a hundred and went right in. This was a more different feel this place had two floors they played rap music down stairs and up stairs had a live jazz band it was a laid back spot you didn’t need the gun at all.Walking up stairs where it was lots of seats and you can hear yourself talk

Page 25.
They grabbed a seat on to the round couch when a waitress came to take there drink order” how are y’all tonight what can I get you ?” Half was all over her ” let us get two bottles Moet Rose and two doubles of Remy and a ashtray ” she walked away headed to the bar .When she was out of ear shot Money asked ” why you didn’t shoot for the number? you was real thirsty to order for us ” Half looked him in his eyes” bleed I’m bugging out I just need a drink my nerves are bad its a lot going on today I’m not used to shit happening like this ” when the waitress came back she had our order ” that will be one hundred and ninety five dollars ” as she looked at Half he pulled all his Cash out and passed her three hundred “keep the change “and went back to talking to Money she was still hovering around she ended up clearing her throat” call me when you get a chance but don’t wait to long ” Money couldn’t believe that this boy didn’t have to say anything and the bitch gave him the number.”Let me get her number you not going to even call her I’ll put it to work” Half looked at the napkin and

Page 26.
studying the name and number “I might use it she a bad bitch I’m not going to front she got to be at least 25 or better” he said having doubts about how she would react to his real age .” bleed she choose you not the other way around she don’t want you she wants the life when you gave her the tip and then you brushed her off like you didn’t even noticed her she had to make a move because you made her feel like you wasn’t interested I know that wasn’t your intention but it worked in your favor” as they sat and drunk two females came over and joined them on the couch .One of them was so bad she looked as if she belonged in a Straight Stunting magazine she was eye candy for sure,but the other was just a average hood chick that wasn’t about nothing but a nice fuck that’s going to cost you a few drinks,that magazine chick is going to make you pay for her time and for her lifestyle but that’s not what he was into.Half was just there for a good time, not to hook up with a random chick but he played it cool .Money on the other hand was all in he didn’t have loyalty to his main chick and Half did.” let’s buy them some drinks so what you having?” the magazine type chick spoke” you can get us Grey Goose and cranberry juice two bottles of ros what are y’all celebrating?” Money laughed ” why do we have to be celebrating something we do this every weekend it’s just a few hundred spent its nothing” he signaled for the waitress to come over when she walked over he relayed there order back to her but when she left this time Half stood and excused his self and acted like he had to use the bathroom.

Page 27.
Half just needed sometime to clear his mind by stepping away gave him that chance to do so . Half lit a mild and took long drags with his eyes on the the entire room .As he started to walk back to the couch where Money was still entertaining when he took his seat Money was telling a joke that had the girls laughing they was hanging on to Money’s every word.Half took a sip of the ros and put the bottle back on the table pulled out a shell and broke it down then pulled a bag of bud out giving some to Money and the two girls as he sat there he broke the the buds downs into the shell there wasn’t a seed in the few buds he had broke down .Half was the first to finish rolling he lit the blunt and took deep puffs holding the smoke until he couldn’t then blew the smoke out then put in rotation


Robert Carradine
DOC #660598

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