Matthew Epperson

Getting Older, by Matthew Epperson

I’m turning 27 this coming Sunday. Can you believe it? Okay, so it’s not that old. I go up for parole in 2027 and I’ll be 35. That still isn’t that old. I have plenty of life left to live and plenty things to accomplish between now and then. But, because of the situation I’m in, I look at a birthday as a landmark on this long road. Each time I pass one I reflect on what I’ve learned, what I’ve become, what I want to become, and how much I’ve matured. (Not much I can promise you) I can’t help but feel older than my years lead everyone to believe. If any of you remember where you were when you were 27, share it with me. What were your dreams back then? Have you accomplished what you set out to do in that time of your life? Are you disappointed with where you are, or are you happy to say that you stayed true to what you planned? Personally, if I never got locked up, I can’t say that I would’ve had any plan or direction at all. I was just letting life come at me and taking it in stride. I was 23 when I got locked up and I hadn’t a clue what the word planning or even future meant. (Not that I do now, but I’m getting there) Today, in the confines of these fences, I am throwing my future into the hands of aspiration. Because, really? What does a 27 year old like me have to lose? Dream big right? I witnessed a story last night about a man who had been human trafficked from Nigeria to London at the age of 10. He is now a rising NFL star. My point is this. No damn felony conviction is going to stop me from attaining my plans and goals. Neither should any of your life hiccups. Because that is exactly what prison is to me in the grand scheme of life… A hiccup.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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  1. I remember when I was 27. I had a miscarriage living in south Carolina, a place we should have never moved. It was beautiful but damaging to our marriage. It was a rough year and far away from family.


  2. Happy birthday matt. You are getting older and don’t whine about it. There are many older than you. Hopefully wisdom comes with the aging process.


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