John Caudill


so there may be some who know THIS PLACE and I know there is some who don’t but yall both should continue to read. THIS PLACE is real but isn’t realistic, waking up every morning I wish I could just stay asleep and continue my journey in what some call dreams but what I know as the parallel universes and im sure that I’m right ,because if we listen to Charles as I do,lol,he says, we can be only to the extent of which we are and what we are depends on what we think……THINK… and our thoughts in our sleep are visual and intuitive then at that time of sleep “l AM” in a parallel universe because at this time I am manifesting my reality,, and I know to some I may be crazy and some will connect and as soon as there iPhone chimes DISCONNECT, LOL. hashtag that.but I believe that I’m conscious because of…..THIS PLACE. in THIS PLACE you won’t find and loyalty its murdered by royalty…. THINK….as soon as think you can trust someone,its ” I can’t believe this” and now it’s ” I knew that was coming” so you keep everything seasonal and wait for the next season and never tell a secret in THIS PLACE because as soon as the season is over and I assure you it will be over,that secret is now ammunition and they will use if given the chance,oh but not I ,I won’t fall for the shenanigans for I have watched the games unfold around me and besides the seasons have reasons and I consider myself a reasonable man,lol. oh but THIS PLACE isn’t done its just begun. I haven’t spoken of the drugs and gangs yet,and this is where it becomes comical, I’m laughing already, I swear to it, the gangs used to control the drugs ,and now the drugs control the gangs…..ha guys come in the door and join the gang,and the gangs except anyone so they can get high on a drug that is supposed to get you OFF DRUGS.THIS PLACE.and I swear I’m not on drugs but I feel like the outcast.and I’m not trying to sound better than anyone because I try and help but in THIS PLACE you have to want it for THIS PLACE its a barrel full of crabs,and typically as the story goes they are pulling you back down as soon. as you reach the top but the smart crab has found the trap door at the bottom and while every other crab is looking up he was able to slip away by changing his thinking… THIS PLACE.

look left,go right as some may say but in here the above is just your average day in THIS PLACE. O.D.R.C.

DOC #A647500

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