Harold Chapman

Introduction Blog, by Harold Chapman

HELLO, My name is Harold Chapman,a,k,a Quick,I’m 41 years young, and i stand 6’1 tall at 210 lbs.I’m dark brown complexion with eyes that coincide. I’m incarcerated at Raymond laborde corr. ctr. In Louisiana. I was arrested 11-4-95 and my parole released date is 2023. I’m original from Colfax, La. My hobbies are reading,theater,current events,culinary arts civil and criminal law. I’m not at all accustomed to meeting this way,and I admit that at first I was a bit hesitant about it,because its really hard to find someone who can feel your pain in this place that’s willing to show a little more empathy,less sympathy and no apathy. I do not pre judge prior to giving someone a chance.Your race,nationality dose not matter.Maturity,and sincerity are a muse. If you you are seeking a friend that you would like to get to know.Please feel free to to write.

Harold Chapman
DOC #00349954

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