by Ronald Johnson

Hello there free world, I pray all is well with everyone…Here in the state of kansas the 53 of us who have the mandatory minimum sentence called the hard 50, well as mentioned before it was Held to be Unconstitutional by the kansas supreme court because it Violated the Sixth Amendment, the problem is this happened almost 5 years ago,the date was April 11,2014,and the Sua Sponte statute K.S.A.21-6628(c) formerly 21-4639, is being titally Ignored our love ones and us have sent Open Letters to the kansas city star newspaper, the wichita eagle newspaper, the topeka journal, the kansas city call newspaper,as well to the FAMM org., and several others.
However it YOU the People of this state, the People Of Our Country do not speak up and hold these public ellected officals accountable,as they crimes were held accountable,then what you think will happen to you God forbid you find yourself in this situationas this? If we don’t speak upand make sure the laws are being Equally Applied then the Injustices will continue… We in our Slience agree to the Mistreatment, for at law Slience is Agreement!!!!
Please do not think you are not effected by this because you may not have a love one this effects, however if you pay taxes you are absolutely Paying for the people to Violate the law, you are paying to keep men/women in here Unjustly,for our law states “K.S.A.21-6628(c),once the kansas supreme court or the united states supreme court Holds this hard 50 unconstitutional, the District Court must bring such person back and sentence person to no mandatory prison sentence, and then sentence person otherwise provided by law.” For the Constant Violation to be going on is crazy in this New Era Of Time (NET).
People some one please write back so I know the public received this for the prison Loves to Suppress our Voice, from not giving me my newspapers, mail,ect…But if the phones do not ring then the Corruption Continues Unchecked… Look at kansas City, Kansas and all the Corruption,it all been in the newspapers for a couple years not, I even had the same judge and A.D.A., Please Wake Up and Speak Kansas and the World, Namelt the UNITED STATES,

El Dorado, KS.67042

Categories: law, Ronald Johnson

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