Baretta Wilford


I’ve been waiting for my outdate from the Ohio Parole Board for 8 months now. What’s so crazy is nothing in the world take this long to make a decision. But I thank GOD to be about to go home. I did so much time blocking out the free world. See to make it for as long as I’ve had to do ( 26 years ) I had to forget the outside world. Now that’s not the case for everyone. See things was hard for me. I lost my grandmother in 1992.
my dad in 1993, my mom in 1994. my brother in 1995 and I came to prison for 15 to life. All my so called friends turned their backs on me. and I was all album album alone and I was only a kid, yeah I had was bad ass fuck,but still had the mind of a child. Yeah some of the time was hard and I had to get it out the mud.But fuck all that. it’s over!!!!!!!!
I got my mind focus on the FUTURE…..
My family is acting right by me. my GOD is leading me. I can’t wait to learn how to be a free man. The world is so different than when I was out.I’m ready for it. I’m so glad that I did not just sit in here all this time and do nothing.Yea I look forward to working. even doe I love doing body work & refinishing I got to get me some of that Amazon money. I also want to get my CDL. When I stack enough money up I plan on starting my own cleaning company. See I understand that I’m intering the job market so late that I can never start a 401k that will be worth anything.I do not want to be working for someone when i’m 65 years old so the only smart path to follow is entrepreneurship.
I’ve been eating all this bullshit for so long I can’t wait to get some lobster. some smoked pork shoulder.To be able to go outside when I want. To have more than 3 set of clothes. To have my rights as a man back. and to spend time with my family and ya know find me a Lady friend. I hope to find someone I can have my first kid with. I can’t wait to be a daddy.. also a husband. So how that’s why I’m gone hit the grind so hard so I can have the money to take care of my family. Can’t see starting out in the hole ya know.

Baretta Wilford #A291-175
P.O.Box 8107
Mansfield,Oh 44901

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